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Victoria, British Columbia, 1889

Image - Victoria 1889

Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada in the year 1889, by Ellis & Co., in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture at Ottawa

Locations of Interest:

  1. Russell's Station

  2. Marine Hospital

  3. Provincial Jail [Hillside Jail]

  4. Victoria Rice Mill [Victoria Roller Flour and Rice Mills]

  5. Albion Iron Works

  6. Ocean Dock [outer wharf]

  7. Freight Depot E. & N. Railway

  8. Hudsons Bay Company Store

  9. Canadian Pacific Navigation. Company's Office

  10. Rice Mill's Wharf

  11. Spratt's Wharf

  12. Porter Brother's Wharf

  13. Janion's Wharf

  14. R. P. Pritchet and Company's Wharf

  15. Turner Beeton and Co. (O. R. & N. Co.)

  16. C. P. N. Company's Wharf

  17. Masonic Temple

  18. St. John's Church

  19. Wesley Church

  20. Baptist Church

  21. George [Gorge] Road Methodist Church

  22. City Hall

  23. Law Courts

  24. First Presbyterian Church

  25. Temperance Hall

  26. Deluge Fire Hall

  27. Colonists Office

  28. Custom House

  29. St. James Church

  30. Bank British Columbia

  31. Odd Fellow's Hall

  32. Jewish Synagogue

  33. Victoria Opera House

  34. Residence of Senator MacDonald

  35. Drill Sheds [Drill Hall]

  36. Provincial Government Building [Legislature - Birdcages]

  37. St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

  38. St. Andrews Church (new)

  39. St. Andrews Presbyterian Cathedral

  40. Bishop's Palace

  41. St. Louis College

  42. Electric Light Station

  43. Union Club

  44. Skating Rink

  45. Protestant Orphan's Home

  46. Royal Hospital

  47. Assembly Hall

  48. Christ Church Cathedral

  49. Reformed Episcopal Church

  50. St. Anne's [Ann's] Convent

  51. St. Joseph's Hospital

  52. Angela College

  53. Public and High Schools

  54. Royal Provincial Jubilee Hospital

  55. The Dunsmuir Residence

  56. Lieutenant Governor's Residence [Government House]

  57. Beacon Hill Park

  58. Agricultural Hall

  59. Beacon Hill

  60. Finlayson Point Battery

  61. Ross Bay Cemetery

  62. Mount Baker

  63. Cadboro Bay

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