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Welcoming the Royals: The Archival Legacy

In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee as Queen of Canada and her visit to British Columbia in October of 2002, the BC Archives presents on-line exhibit on previous Royal Visits to the province.

Table of Contents
1) Introduction    6) Pomp, Precision and Protocol
2) Chronology of Visits    7) Family Ties
3) "Loyal Hearts"    8) The Legacy
4) Trains, Planes and Automobiles    9) Conclusion
5) Souvenir of Our Royal Visitors   


All of the documents, photographs and moving images featured in this display are drawn from the collections of the British Columbia Archives and the originals may be viewed at the Archives at 655 Belleville Street in Victoria.

A Royal Visit is an important event in the history of the province. The documentary legacy preserved in the British Columbia Archives reflects the energy and effort put in by generations of British Columbians who have planned and assisted on various royal tours. Organizing the details of travel, security and protocol takes months of planning, and must be co-ordinated with the Royal Household in London, the Vice-Regal representatives in Canada and the federal government. See also: Chronology of Principal Royal Visits to British Columbia.

Records relating to the planning of a Royal Visit offer a fascinating view of the behind-the-scenes process which must take place to make it all happen at the provincial level. Each Royal Visit is documented by government, the media, and private citizens, and many of these records have been preserved by the BC Archives.

This exhibit is designed to illustrate some of the ways in which previous Royal Visits have been captured on paper and film, and how the legacy of each Royal Visit includes the historical record now preserved in the province’s archives. See also: principal textual records.