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British Columbia Newspapers on Microfilm

British Columbia Archives

The British Columbia Archives has an extensive collection of community newspapers on microfilm.  The collection is strong in the areas of political science, public administration, economics, statute law and British Columbia and Canadian history.   The extent of the holdings is approximately 11,000 reels of newspapers on microfilm.

The following listings provide an indication of newspaper holdings on microfilm at the BC Archives. Please note these lists are subject to change and some titles may have gaps which are not indicated.   Elements include the geographic location, the name of the newspaper, extent, and date range of microfilm reels.  Holdings are listed in alphabetical order by geographic location or city.


Canada  Other

The collection does not include the major 20th century Vancouver and Victoria daily newspapers; researchers are advised to contact public libraries, university libraries, or the Legislative Library of British Columbia for these materials.  Please note, microfilmed newspaper holdings at the BC Archives Reference Room are available for research on a self serve basis only, and are not available on interlibrary loan.

Please contact the BC Archives to verify the availability of microfilm for specific titles and dates of newspaper holdings, and review the On-Site Research Orientation Guide.

Legislative Library of British Columbia

The Legislative Library of British Columbia, located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada provides reference and research services for the Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and their staffs. Its facilities are extended to the general public provided there is no conflict with the needs of legislative officials and their staff.

The Library maintains the largest collection of British Columbia government publications and newspapers published in the Province. There are approximately 155,000 books; 257,000 microforms; 1,000,000 government publications;10,000 newspapers; and 3,500 periodicals in the collection.

Legislative Library Access:

Normal Hours:    

Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. PST to 5:00 p.m. PST

Restricted Hours:

During sittings of the Legislature, the Library is open to Members of the Legislative Assembly and legislative staff only. Under special circumstances, arrangements for use by other researchers may be made through the office of the Director of the Library:  Telephone: (250) 387-6500

Service is limited to providing access to materials that are unique to the Legislative Library.

The Library's facilities are extended to advanced researchers provided there is no conflict with the needs of legislative officials and their staff. No provision is made for schools or colleges.

Local university students may use the library only upon presentation of an authorized referral card issued by the university library.

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